My Favorite Quotes
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 Natasha Vanderlinden - “If I survive this week without losing what's left of my health, sanity, or grades, it will be a miracle. Good thing I believe in miracles.”
 Natasha Vanderlinden - “Doing what is expected is boring. Go beyond mediocre and aim toward excellence”
 Natasha Vanderlinden - “Unless I am on a deserted island, my actions affect others I cannot live to myself. Even if alone on that island, my thoughts, actions, and subsequent character would be answerable to my Creator.”
 Natasha Vanderlinden - “The will is a powerful ally and desperate enemy. When not subdued by self-control, it becomes a tyrant of selfishness. Under the yoke of self-control however, it is a driving force of perseverance.”
 Natasha Vanderlinden - “At the end of the day, be content. Do not chafe under an apprehension that you should have done more. Rest in the knowledge that you have accomplished all that has been divinely apportioned.”
 Natasha Vanderlinden - “I stoutly contend that my given name is not Russian, it only sounds like it”
 Natasha Vanderlinden - “College is neither good for its own sake nor necessary . . . and that will not be the topic of my persuasive argument research paper.”
 Natasha Vanderlinden - “Advice to self Quit avoiding what you don't want to do. It won't make it go away, anyway, just prolong the agony. Forget how much you dislike it. Keep your focus on the goal. Suck it up. Finish strong Don't put it off. Do it now.”
 Natasha Vanderlinden - “Responsibility is the ability to give a response, that is, an answer for what I have or have not done. Essentially, responsibility means maturity.”
 Natasha Vanderlinden - “Self-control in emotion is most difficult to master. Refusing the dictatorship of capricious emotion, I have found that the ability to exhibit the right emotion often resides with acting on the hard choice.”