My Favorite Quotes
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 Courtney Vandersloot - “It was tough going in there (under the basket). The first thing you think about is the 10 she's already blocked. I just had to try to make her move and adjust my shot.”
 Courtney Vandersloot - “I just have to forget about the previous play and let it go. Calls are going to be made that I don't agree with, but that can't stop me from playing my game.”
 Courtney Vandersloot - “I was nervous coming in. But once you get on that court, its such an amazing experience. I just felt right out there. I really wanted to go in there and compete and show that we should be there.”
 Courtney Vandersloot - “It's my role as a leader to step up and get the job done. We have a really young basketball team, and I provided a leadership role.”
 Courtney Vandersloot - “She has a great ability to block your shot. You just have to try to get her up in the air and adjust your shot around her.”