My Favorite Quotes
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 Krista VandeVenter - “They're just playing very, very well right now. We've been forced to work as a team a lot more these last few games, especially with Crystal's shot not falling. The other players are doing a great job of stepping up.”
 Krista VandeVenter - “I thought we had it. I thought we had momentum, and we just didn't finish it.”
 Krista VandeVenter - “They made a lot of great runs. They weren't going to lay down and die. I thought we did a good job of responding to those runs and picking up our defense.”
 Vickie VanDeventer - “Right now there are actually 42 hospitals throughout the state that are in (PHESS) and over time, all hospitals will be connected. But we have to start somewhere, work out the bugs and get the system in place.”
 Krista VandeVenter - “We have to defend against her drive, so that will be tough. We'll have other people guarding her sometimes Crystal and Tiffany (Reedy). We'll throw a lot of different things at them.”
 Vickie VanDeventer - “To identify any type of outbreak, we need a way to know. What would be nice is for us not to just have to think we're seeing more people with diarrhea, but to have an automated way to tell us, in case we miss it.”