My Favorite Quotes
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 Anssi Vanjoki - “By mid-2006 we will see the first networks. This is speculative as it depends on the technological maturity of the market.”
 Anssi Vanjoki - “I am not happy. I said we needed to sell six million in three years, and we sold one-third of that. We need to make some changes.”
 Anssi Vanjoki - “We are definitely seeing an increase in demand for these types of more sophisticated devices. What's driving the demand is the Internet. People want to send e-mail messages and do all of the things they can do on the Internet.”
 Anssi Vanjoki - “It is going to give access to immediate availability for everything that is configured on the Internet. If you want to have stock market quotes from London, by the push of a button you are going to be there. It's instant access.”
 Anssi Vanjoki - “Mobile digital convergence is leading to the situation where one customer buys our product for its video properties, another to listen to music, others to take pictures or access e-mails on the move.”
 Anssi Vanjoki - “In our opinion, digital cameras without communications are dead. Why would I want a camera that can't communicate and instantaneously allow you to share pictures”
 Anssi Vanjoki - “I am confident that convergent products will change business models. Why would I not want to have all of my devices with me, especially MP3 players where you can download songs off the air”
 Anssi Vanjoki - “We don't 'attack' anybody. We are only for ourselves.”