My Favorite Quotes
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 Matt Vanover - “That is our eventual goal To bring that real-time data onto this type of Web site. That is still a ways down the road.”
 Matt Vanover - “Any time there are questions about contracts or the integrity of our procurement processes, we investigate and we'll cooperate fully in any outside investigation.”
 Matt Vanover - “This is an evolving site. We are going to continue to tweak it. We would hope to be able to include that type of travel time information.”
 Matt Vanover - “There is significant water damage to offices on the third floor.”
 Ron Vanover - “Its been a wonderful reclamation project.”
 Matt Vanover - “We apologize to anyone who may have called that number and did not get the information that they were looking for.”
 Matt Vanover - “We made a mistake. We regret the mistake and apologize if anyone called that number and got information other than what they were seeking.”
 Matt Vanover - “It was a mistake that we made, and we apologize for anyone who called that number and got information that they weren't looking for.”
 Matt Vanover - “It is not expected that anyone would miss work because of the damage.”
 Matt Vanover - “We will provide info about people's daily commutes that will allow them to make informed decisions about that commute.”
 Matt Vanover - “The department's stance is still that we would prefer to finance it through conventional means.”
 Matt Vanover - “We are all for community air service. However, we do not provide operating subsidies. Our funding is for construction activities.”
 Ron Vanover - “I think that's common sense. Money can be replaced lives cannot.”
 Matt Vanover - “These are the same dollars used for health care, public safety and education. We would need to know where the funding would come from.”
 Matt Vanover - “We have them and will be training with them now. We expect to begin using them at the beginning of this construction season.”
 Matt Vanover - “We hope to begin the program soon. We have been doing it on a limited basis, and it's been successful.”