My Favorite Quotes
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 Toni Varacchi - “This team has been dominant all season long, and I hope that we can continue that trend throughout the conference tournament and into the state championship.”
 Toni Varacchi - “I thought we had a very solid game across the board this evening. Barksdale had two beautiful goals that she headed from Sarah.”
 Toni Varacchi - “Anything is possible. This insures us a piece (of the conference). Our main objective is to keep working toward a state title, but you have to get through the conference first.”
 Toni Varacchi - “We definitely looked rusty and out of sync since we hadn't played for almost two weeks. Our decisions were very poor today. They need to be done much quicker if we are going to compete on a higher level.”
 Toni Varacchi - “We played very unselfish today in front of the goal. We had a lot of opportunities to score but made a pass instead of allowing their defense to make a play.”
 Toni Varacchi - “Playing flat in the back with the speed we have, all we had to do was play the ball over the top and let them chase it down. I'm not going to change what's working and that worked so that's what we went with.”
 Toni Varacchi - “(Sarah) just being out there on the field and taking attention away from everyone else opens things up.”
 Toni Varacchi - “There are still a lot of things we still need to work on. We've got a long season ahead of us, with hopefully a lot more wins.”
 Toni Varacchi - “They're just afraid to shoot because they keep missing, but they've got to get over that because they'll fall eventually and they did tonight.”