My Favorite Quotes
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 Ken Varejes - “We like the fact that they are constantly developing novel marketing concepts. And we like the charismatic, but somewhat off-beat management team. When small businesses like these are incorporated into a big company they are usually killed - because you make people managers and not entrepreneurs. It is this entrepreneurial talent that Unlimited is trying to protect.”
 Ken Varejes - “The beauty of alternative media is that it can hold its own. In boom times in the economy we know that television will do well, which is what is happening now. The thing with alternative is that even when the economy is dipping, alternative stays consistent. Clients say 'how do I stretch that rand' and alternative media is often the answer. But we also grow during boom times and right now the spread of alternative media is becoming very prevalent.”
 Ken Varejes - “We push the guys to be ahead of the game. No-one innovates as aggressively as we do right now.”
 Ken Varejes - “The advertising environment is changing.”