My Favorite Quotes
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 John Varley - “Barclays delivered strong and broadly based profit growth in 2005. We made good progress in the UK and are well positioned across the group for further growth in 2006.”
 John Varley - “The profit growth in the first half demonstrates that our strategy is delivering strongly.”
 Rob Varley - “I don't know how strong it's going to be. First of all, I haven't seen the promotions going on, so we're not exactly sure when it's opening, and that's unusual. I'm sure, once they get a head of steam rolling, they'll promote it. I don't think their promotion has been real heavy.”
 John Varley - “Leadership that's reliant on mergers and acquisitions is dangerous leadership.”
 Jamie Varley - “We want to sound like everybody and nobody at the same time.”
 Rob Varley - “Another aspect of this is there are plenty of films and commercials that production companies are filming in zero gravity, so there's even more opportunity there. We want this to happen.”
 John Varley - “We have delivered what we said we would deliver, ... We have got very strong profit growth in a number of our businesses.”
 John Varley - “Barclays said the move was driven by changing customer preferences and technological advances. The industry in the United Kingdom is going through a sea change, ... Technology is steadily reducing the number of people we employ in the industry.”
 Rob Varley - “We've had a vast amount of devastation to our hotels, particularly in the southern part of the county, and the hotel industry has had a rough time. Many hoteliers simply won't be able to rent their rooms out at 83 a night.”
 Rob Varley - “The price of gas will be a concern this year, and I think that the drive market has shrunk because of that. Nowadays, people are traveling within a 400-mile radius, rather than a 700-mile radius.”
 John Varley - “I'm looking for high growth rates. The powerful banking forces of the next 10 years will have lead to a big exposure to one or more of Brazil, Russia, India or China. We have exposure at the moment in both India and China and I'd like to see that exposure grow.”
 Rob Varley - “It's a new market mix we haven't been able to chase before. We've had good response.”
 Rob Varley - “We normally don't advertise for March through April, because it's a heavy time. Right now, the numbers are off, and we're rethinking that. We're also getting ready to kick off a campaign . . . to let people know we're open and better than ever.”
 Rob Varley - “This is a big issue because we do almost 180,000 room nights a year here from government workers, and they're a supportive bunch. If they force the issue, a lot of the hotels that normally take that business will refuse it.”
 Rob Varley - “We're going after the incentives market, and we're going to be going after the smaller, upscale groups business.”
 Rob Varley - “The reason we've been getting the business is the rates are just better. They're getting a better deal.”
 John Varley - “Our expectation looking forward is that risk will rise broadly in line with the size of the loan book as it has over the last 12 months,”
 Rob Varley - “The Canadian market is strong, but the U.K. market is the No. 1 overseas market. We do around 40,000 British visitors a year. The Dutch market is a growing market, along with the German market. Right now, it's a real bargain to come over here.”
 John Varley - “The UK is a vital part of the bank, and we won't achieve our goals unless the UK business is successful. But I expect the rate of growth of our international business to exceed the rate of growth of our UK businesses.”
 Rob Varley - “Bob cares a lot about the success of Cocoa Beach. He's a regular guy who isn't afraid of hard work. Let me tell you -- it was very difficult for the tourism industry after Sept. 11. We were hurting.”
 Rob Varley - “Initially, it would affect us, with Delta filing bankruptcy. The company could lose customers because people could be afraid to buy a ticket.”