My Favorite Quotes
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 Vivek Varma - “The issues in this case are significant, not only for Microsoft but for the industry and consumers. We are committed to resolving these issues in a constructive way so that we can focus on long-term growth and innovation for consumers.”
 Vivek Varma - “Millions of consumers who use Windows also use Java every day. Any consumer using Windows today can easily access and use Java.”
 Nicole Varma - “We would always be two hours late because she didn't know what to wear. We would dance and get ready. Getting there was the fun part.”
 Vivek Varma - “We'll work hard to meet the schedule laid out in court and appreciate the court's insistence on full cooperation from witnesses for the holdout states.”
 Vivek Varma - “Windows XP is designed to bring more choice and options to consumers, not fewer, in stark contrast to AOL Time Warner's closed, proprietary strategy.”
 Nicole Varma - “The goal of Best Buddies is not to need Best Buddies at all. We shouldn't need to artificially create friendships -- they should occur naturally. We hope that we pretty much put ourselves out of business.”