My Favorite Quotes
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 Bill Varney - “We see a big future with herbs and herbal products, ... but for growth, you need to have capital.”
 Christine Varney - “This process is not as simple as Microsoft would have you believe. I was very pleased that the judge understands the seriousness and urgency of the issue.”
 Bill Varney - “It was like starting over again, ... The money paid for the land and building the warehouse. But it didn't pay for the gardens, the other buildings, or any of the rest of it.”
 Bill Varney - “We put our heads together and thought about what Sylvia could do that the town didn't have, so we opened this little herb shop on Main Street,”
 Eric Varney - “I actually think it's a great honor to be named that. Hopefully, it will attract a lot of students that are smart and want to have a good time.”
 Bill Varney - “We found people were mostly interested in the herbs, and more interested in anything we made from our own herbs, ... We found the products we made ourselves sold 10 times better than other companies' products.”
 Peter Varney - “The roads around the ground are diabolical. I came in a car that was sliding all over the road and there were cars sliding into one another. There seems to have been no gritting undertaken at all, which is an absolute disgrace. You have to be up here to understand just what chaos there is going on outside the ground.”
 Christine Varney - “When you're online, anybody can keep track of anything you do, ... They can sell it, they can match it with other information that's easily available to them, come up with profiles on you about lifestyle issues that you may or may not want people to know.”
 Tim Varney - “They end up actually turning out to be some of our biggest fans. Seeing six working class guys tap dancing out there, that's pretty fun for people.”
 Peter Varney - “As the visiting allocation exceeds the capacity of the Jimmy Seed Stand we have been left with no option other than to open a number of east stand blocks to travelling Orient fans.”
 Bill Varney - “It was a nice way to get out and meet people, ... I'm going to miss that a lot.”
 Shawn Varney - “I have no recollection of the mirror thing. The thing I remember most was her sticking her head out the doorway, and she had this huge smile. That was it. I knew that she was going to be the one.”
 Shawn Varney - “No matter how tough things get, she finds a way to get through it. I think it's that strength that really got us through. She was leaning on me, and she may not have known it, but I was leaning on her more than anything else.”
 Christine Varney - “He is ideally suited to make a meaningful contribution to the Committee's consideration of online access and security issues particularly with respect to the topic of 'enhancements to personal information,'”
 Peter Varney - “If they do come calling, at the end of the day it is Alan's decision.”
 Tim Varney - “A lot of guys especially that I've talked to - they can tend to be a little leery of going to a dance show.”
 Shawn Varney - “The conversation had a first-date type of vibe.”
 Christine Varney - “Whether Bush or Gore is elected makes very little difference on this issue. We have a 2-year Congress that is very committed to getting itself re-elected...Privacy legislation will happen.”
 Eric Varney - “I don't endorse it, although I don't oppose it. It's each student's choice.”
 Christine Varney - “participation would help promote a balance of viewpoints.”
 Bill Varney - “These odd year elections just don't draw that much attention from people, and we only had four places with primaries, ... A lot of people only vote in the general election.”
 Peter Varney - “This decision is vital to the ongoing development of our football club and our ambition is to have a capacity of 40,600.”
 Christine Varney - “How do we create an atmosphere of trust on the Internet ... What we're talking about is the good actors, the companies that want to do right on the Internet, that want to gain consumer trust and confidence, that want to grow the Net. We think they can create trust by practicing good privacy policies and certifying that they do through this.”
 Peter Varney - “It's the biggest job in football and we would not stand in his way if he wanted to take it. We're the only team to get a win and a draw against Chelsea this season which speaks volumes for his tactical ability. It's a great reflection on him and Charlton that he's linked with the job. I'd personally like to see an Englishman in the job next, and the fact is that Alan's one of the best English coaches there is.”