My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Vatis - “But we shouldn't act as though the private sector doesn't have its act together and the government does. There are also significant vulnerabilities in government.”
 Michael Vatis - “The Internet is ubiquitous. It allows attacks from anywhere in the world. Attackers can loop in from many different Internet providers.”
 Michael Vatis - “It is not at all unreasonable to expect the people and the groups who engage in those activities every day might focus their activities at the same time around the date change.”
 Michael Vatis - “Unlike the original 'ILOVEYOU' virus, this one appears to have started, at least in significant part, in the United States rather than spreading from Asia to Europe to the United States.”
 Michael Vatis - “This requires a close relationship between military and law enforcement.”
 Michael Vatis - “People need to be much more vigilant in looking at e-mails. Just as with the original Love Letter virus, the e-mail will appear to come from someone you know.”
 Michael Vatis - “Users should exercise caution when reading their e-mail for the next few days and bring unusual messages to the attention of their system administrator.”
 Michael Vatis - “Our mission is to try to help protect the nation's critical infrastructures. Somebody sitting with a laptop computer and a modem connection on the other side of the world can attack those things if they don't have good security.”