My Favorite Quotes
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 Zwelinzima Vavi - “They are in hospital in serious condition, they are bullet wounds.”
 Zwelinzima Vavi - “Maria Ramos must know how to manage her people. Now we are voting with our feet. Decisions cannot just be forced down our throat. That will not be tolerated.”
 Zwelinzima Vavi - “It is about time that we as the workers of the region throw our weight behind the people of Swaziland who are fighting for democratic reforms.”
 Zwelinzima Vavi - “Too many times we hear her speaking about spinach. There is nothing wrong with encouraging our people to eat healthily and to live healthily,”
 Zwelinzima Vavi - “We want to send a strong signal to the regime in Swaziland that it cannot be an island surrounded by democracy in the region.”
 Zwelinzima Vavi - “But if we all in the alliance say we support him, we must show that support in deeds and not in words only.”
 Zwelinzima Vavi - “States are now being forced to join an international beauty contest to compete for foreign investment.”
 Zwelinzima Vavi - “It is a full-frontal attack on our revolution itself.”
 Zwelinzima Vavi - “Any health ministry that presides over the spread of an epidemic like this one has much to answer for,”
 Zwelinzima Vavi - “This will take the country on a slippery road to anarchy. First it will be a third term and later a life term.”
 Zwelinzima Vavi - “This (the China deal) is an example of how things should not be done. We have been told that the draft agreement will work to the advantage of China and be bad for us.”