My Favorite Quotes
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 Jovan Vavic - “You can't just focus on one player and hope to stop us. Any given game, anybody can score three, four goals, and that has been the case.”
 Jovan Vavic - “The Gaucho Invitational is the toughest tournament of the year because it includes all the top teams from the Stanford Invitational as well as LMU and a few other top teams in the nation.”
 Jovan Vavic - “This is what we wanted. We worked hard all season to earn a bye and play one game less - it's what we were shooting for. Having Thursday off and only playing three games instead of four could make a difference.”
 Jovan Vavic - “I'm very proud of the guys. They kept their composure in tough moments and were very mentally prepared. They didn't make too many mistakes.”
 Jovan Vavic - “It's so difficult to focus on one player against us. If someone tries to cheat up or drop off we will punish them. Against tough teams we play 10 to 11 players, so we really are a deep team.”
 Jovan Vavic - “He's and excellent creator in one-on-one situations. He's creative and smart.”
 Jovan Vavic - “The competition really kept them sharp because they knew they couldn't relax.”
 Jovan Vavic - “This team is used to winning. I think when you have that kind of attitude, you really don't expect to lose. We don't think about it, we just play. We expect to win every game we play.”