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 Javier Vazquez - “It's just disappointing to be losing all these games, man. It's really frustrating. We're not getting the job done and we're not winning games.”
 Pamala Vazquez - “Once again, they're in violation. When you have high levels of lead, it's important to let customers know. That doesn't mean there's an immediate health hazard, but with prolonged exposure to lead, there can be problems.”
 Raul Vazquez - “We are very pleased with how the holiday is going for us so far. It is the best we have had in our history.”
 Raul Vazquez - “It is a digital holiday. Consumers are really responding to all things electronic.”
 Fran Vazquez - “It's a great success for us, and I really hope that I can be there with Spain because I am desperate to play in a World Championship.”
 Tabare Vazquez - “I think that we are going to reach a solution to this problem. One is that, to negotiate, they have to lift the illegal roadblocks that are being carried out in Argentina and the second is that the construction of the plants will not stop.”
 Pamala Vazquez - “Basically, they have a lot of unanswered questions. We didn't have enough information from them about the dredging project.”
 Tabare Vazquez - “The decisions and problems of Uruguay will be resolved by Uruguayans.”
 Tabare Vazquez - “I invite you, from my sentiments, my convictions and my responsibilities, to work together in the construction of a Uruguay where being young is not suspicious, where aging is not a problem.”
 Javier Vazquez - “I was just battling out there. I thought I threw some good pitches and the balls just kept finding the holes.”
 Javier Vazquez - “It's nice any time you have a lot of offense. What can you say We have a good lineup.”
 Javier Vazquez - “What can you do But it kind of stinks that was the first hit. But what can you do It's part of the game. God didn't want me to have a no-hitter today.”
 Javier Vazquez - “Everybody out there did a great job. It seemed like they weren't in trouble at all. They made their pitches. That was big for us.”
 Javier Vazquez - “I'm glad I could get out of trouble when I was in it,”
 Tabare Vazquez - “We must win back the trust of both domestic and foreign investors. For that, we are taking the proper steps.”
 Javier Vazquez - “At the time it sounded like just another pop-off by a player who was about to be run out of New York. I still trust in my abilities, ... and if the Yankees trade me, they'll regret it.”
 Raul Vazquez - “This is us being very aggressive in trying to understand if someone is willing to buy from us at that price point.”
 Tabare Vazquez - “It's not enough to have economic growth. You have to distribute wealth throughout all of society.”
 Javier Vazquez - “When I heard I got traded to the White Sox I was really excited because I know they are a world championship team and I know they are trying to do it again. I know Kenny Williams has done a great job of keeping the team together and adding some pieces like Jim Thome.”
 Javier Vazquez - “I just battled out there. The balls just found the holes. I just felt like I was in trouble all night.”
 Mario Vazquez - “All I've ever wanted to do is sing and I've always dreamed about having a career in music, ... There's no better label to achieve that goal with than J Records.”
 Javier Vazquez - “It seemed like he just put the bat on the ball, ... It was a good pitch. Usually when I give up home runs, most of them are on mistakes. This wasn't a mistake.”
 Mario Vazquez - “It is a reality show...This show is never without drama.”
 Javier Vazquez - “I wanted to pitch. I thought I could pitch. The doctor said because I've lost a lot of fluids the past few days I was still going to be weak today, but I feel all right today.”
 Fran Vazquez - “It was a tough decision, the toughest in my life. I said no because I feared I would not adjust well.”

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