My Favorite Quotes
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 John Naveaux - “We try to get 30 rebounds a game. That's our goal. We did a very good job rebounding.”
 John Naveaux - “We've had two weeks between each of our games and we're having a hard time getting any continuity right now.”
 John Naveaux - “The group I started tonight played well against Lincoln Park (a 54-50 loss Tuesday night). Brendan gives us a calming effect and then we can bring in (Greg) Arnold and he gives us a spark. They can make a pretty good pair at guard.”
 John Naveaux - “We hadn't played in two weeks and only scored 12 points in the first half, but I was real proud of the way we played after that. They started out on fire. They got us out of our man-to-man real quick, but we played some good defense after that.”
 John Naveaux - “There's really not a whole lot to say. They're good. I give them a lot of credit.”
 John Naveaux - “We've had slow starts all year. Our plan was to control things in the first quarter and we did. They made a little challenge and we answered.”
 LaVonya Malveaux - “The contract has been approved but we are still waiting on certification from the state. It's a very drawn out process.”
 LaVonya Malveaux - “This will demonstrate our model to the community. This will introduce our resources to the community. We want them to know what is available to them. This will be just a sampling.”
 LaVonya Malveaux - “We are here to foster stronger alliances. We are not in the parish to replace anyone.”
 LaVonya Malveaux - “My understanding is that as of last month the three groups were all pretty much in agreement on the planning documents. We are really excited about that. My understanding is it will be on the horizon very soon.”
 René Veaux - “The feminist movement has helped open minds and kitchens to the notion that men can be at home on the range.”
 Alexis DeVeaux - “To change is to be vulnerable. And to be vulnerable is to be alive.”