My Favorite Quotes
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 Atharva Veda - “The past is not ours any more the present slips from our grasp and the future is uncertain.”
 Rig Veda - “A person who brings out the greatness of his friend himself gains importance.”
 Sam Veda - “Gems being precious just cannot be possessed by all and sundry.”
 Sam Veda - “If one is determined and honest and also willing to give his best efforts then attaining liberation is not impossible.”
 Atharva Veda - “Please, God, give me the Support of Your Hand lift me up and pull me out of this pit, O Lord of the World.”
 Atharva Veda - “O camel-like mind, you are so fickle give up your cleverness and corruption.”
 Atharva Veda - “Never seek to exult over others' faults deal sympathetically with the errors and mistakes of others hear only good things about them and do not give an ear to scandals.”
 Atharva Veda - “Behold and Acknowledge the Glory that you have witnessed proclaim the joy that you have experienced confer the Grace that you have earned.”
 Yajur Veda - “Those who lead disciplined and orderly lifestyles they achieve all their goals and progress.”
 Yajur Veda - “Good thoughts naturally culminates into good actions.”
 Rig Veda - “Everybody likes to befriend a Soft spoken person. Therefore one should always speak good of others and be soft spoken.”
 Atharva Veda - “It is considered a grave sin to die a debtor.”
 Atharva Veda - “JOY is a deceptive trap grief is the real preceptor, teaching caution, circumspection, discrimination, detachment, awareness and vigilance.”
 Atharva Veda - “When a child's growth is stunted, it causes grief when he starts to grow normally, it causes joy, when the growth is abnormal, it causes grief again.”
 Rig Veda - “By attaining godliness one shall be blessed with happiness and growth.”
 Atharva Veda - “Knowledge not only helps us material success but it also enhances our spiritual growth.”
 Atharva Veda - “Even now we should engage ourselves in such actions that lead to national development, growth and progress.”
 Atharva Veda - “Enhancement of individual growth and success shall unequivocally lead to national prosperity.”
 Atharva Veda - “Turn him into a eunuch that wears his hair dressed, and into one that wears a hood Then Indra with a pair of stones shall break his testicles both”
 Atharva Veda - “As the best of the plants thou art reputed, O herb, turn this man for me to-day into a eunuch that wears his hair dressed”
 Atharva Veda - “He is not far away He is near at hand, with all. So praise the True One, O Nanak, with love”
 Rig Veda - “The real happiness of life is in doing 'karma'.”
 Sam Veda - “One, who gives in charity always gets happiness and sense of self-satisfaction.”
 Rig Veda - “One who talks sweet, spend all their days in happiness.”
 Atharva Veda - “A virtuous person enjoys happiness, peace and prosperity and is liked by everybody. Such a person is blessed with a long life.”

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