My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Velappan - “Development is a continuous process and 'Vision Oman' is a national project and I hope the government supports it completely.”
 Peter Velappan - “During the early years of the J-League, there were a lot of foreign stars, ... But this lasted only two or three years. Now it is the Japanese players who are the stars.”
 Peter Velappan - “Our long-term plan is to make India a super power in soccer in Asia.”
 Peter Velappan - “Once the detail report is sent to OFA, the representatives of Oman soccer will be invited to discuss the strategic development plan for short-term (three-five years), mid-term (five-eight) and long-term (10-12) periods.”
 Peter Velappan - “We are keeping the door open and (will) see how it goes.”
 Peter Velappan - “We are advocating fair play at the Asian Cup. Every team has the right to compete on common ground so let's finish the tournament on a real high.”
 Peter Velappan - “The government must investigate the allegations of corruption and eliminate the scourge in Chinese soccer. If they don't then it will kill football in China and all the efforts we are making ... will go to naught.”
 Peter Velappan - “I hope the Chinese team will be well supported but at the same time, I am hoping that the China fans give the Japanese the same sort of treatment,”
 Peter Velappan - “They are spending lots of money on players who are past their prime but who can still play. The main thing is that this must benefit local players.”
 Peter Velappan - “The future of football lies in Asia and I have no doubt that in the next 20 years the World Cup will come to Asia or Australia.”