My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Velden - “We develop these tools in tandem with the forecasters. They know what they're looking for from us to aid the forecasting problem.”
 Chris Velden - “What we're doing is fusing together images through the use of multiple satellites. Each satellite has its own view of the Earth, and we're piecing many of them together for a more complete picture.”
 Chris Velden - “It gives us an idea of exactly where they initiate over the African continent and their convective structure as they track over the ocean.”
 Chris Velden - “This helps take the human guesswork out of it, and makes it totally computer-based.”
 Chris Velden - “We're grappling with how and where these waves originate, because about one in every ten will form into a named tropical storm. This shows us the amplitude and strength of these waves as they come off Africa and into the Atlantic.”