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 Higinio Velez - “Let me say that our pitchers now have a disadvantage because our pitchers usually have games where they pitch 125 pitches. And here they were limited to 65, 80 or 95. So our starters are used to playing seven or more innings.”
 Higinio Velez - “Our players, when they play, don't think, I'm going to break my hand. Because the player that has money sometimes thinks, What happens if I break my hand”
 Alvaro Velez - “I just want to serve Colombia.”
 Alvaro Velez - “I will protect all Colombians regardless of whether the attacks come from guerrillas or paramilitaries.”
 Higinio Velez - “We are running out of time. We have just 20 days.”
 Higinio Velez - “This team is the world champion and the Olympic champion. We didn't get that for free.”
 Alvaro Velez - “In the name of justice there cannot be subjection and in the name of peace there cannot be impunity.”
 Higinio Velez - “Some of the players are gone, but ... not all of them were stars. If we go back before the revolution, you will see that a lot of the Cuban players were playing in the major leagues. ... We have a large number of players.”
 Higinio Velez - “Some players are gone, but not all of them were stars. We have a large number of players. It is our national sport. All I can say is take a look at the quality of our players. We have quality and quantity.”
 Higinio Velez - “I'd like to repeat that Cuba is still a very good team. If this were to occur on a regular basis - using the mercy rule on us - it would be worrisome.”
 Higinio Velez - “I'd like to recognize the work of the professional ballplayers, who for the first time forgot about the millions (of dollars) they make and thought about themselves to come here and provide a great show. We love and respect the major-leaguers, because most of them come from very humble backgrounds, and have succeeded with hard work, sacrifice and great effort.”
 Higinio Velez - “I don't like to make predictions, but the only thing I can assure everyone is that we will give our best to bring the people a great show. Everything else will be left up to what happens on the field.”
 Alvaro Velez - “The basic dream of many Colombians is to have a secure nation, without exclusions, with equity, and without hatred.”
 Higinio Velez - “That means that Cuba is a great team because if not it would have lost many times under the mercy rule. But that's only happened twice. Our second-line pitchers did not come through and we couldn't use our best pitchers today. That was the fundamental cause of our defeat.”
 Higinio Velez - “Reaching the gold medal game wasn't a gift from anyone. Cuba was even included in the toughest group, the group of death.”
 Higinio Velez - “It was not a gift that was given to Cuba. We were put in that pool. It was called the 'death pool,' the 'death group,' and we made it through to the final.”
 Higinio Velez - “Our team doesn't give up. Our team continued to fight with courage but it was very difficult.”
 Higinio Velez - “Now we've shown what Cuba can do. Now we've seen the courage of the players when they went out into the field.”
 Higinio Velez - “You have a team of men and not of names. If you don't play as a team, you have to defend the flag of your country. You have to defend your homeland, the love for your country. That is what brings together the players in a team.”
 Higinio Velez - “Some people say our athletes are isolated and besieged. Whoever wants to go into exile can just walk away or stand next to a policeman. Our players are not prisoners. Simply, our athletes are besieged because people want to turn them into merchandise. But they want to play for their country. They want to continue to play for the love of their flag ... They're not interested in millions. Whoever wants to leave can leave in peace. We all play without thinking about money.”
 Higinio Velez - “They're not interested in millions. We don't have prisoners. Simply, our athletes are besieged because people want to turn them into merchandise, but they want to play for their country.”
 Alvaro Velez - “No one can feel as the owner of the country and no one can feel excluded from the right of property. We must all suffer Colombia.”
 Higinio Velez - “He wasn't his best today, he didn't have his usual velocity or his control.”
 Alvaro Velez - “For the first time Colombian society has begun to be very demanding in the sense that it is important to have peace but without impunity. Therefore, that historical path must be observed. It is also important to expect consequences, from those who favored from benevolent processes, who hopefully will not become obstacles for balanced processes.”
 Higinio Velez - “I said it two or three days ago. I said this was only the very beginning of the Classic, and it was not over. People started saying that Cuba would be out and I said to be patient, and just wait. Now we've shown what Cuba can do.”

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