My Favorite Quotes
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 Walter Veltroni - “We have more growth, more employment, lower inflation and tourism is doing well.”
 Walter Veltroni - “Every time we dig underground we find some hidden marvel.”
 Walter Veltroni - “Today, when Quincy Jones wants to stage a concert, he comes to Rome.”
 Walter Veltroni - “It will be a great event ... held in the most charming scenery in the world,”
 Walter Veltroni - “We won't see any more of these unending lines of people who, regardless of the weather conditions, wait on line for hours.”
 Walter Veltroni - “That's just not true any longer. Now we have the opposite problem. Rome is a global player. The city is taking a leadership role when you think of happening cities.”
 Walter Veltroni - “For the first time in 100 years we've passed an urban master plan that is going to expand the concept of the historic city,”
 Walter Veltroni - “It's a picture that does not give certainty about the country's stability.”
 Walter Veltroni - “A personality that has contributed, in far away and difficult years, to spread and popularize in Italy the extraordinary artistic strength of jazz.”
 Walter Veltroni - “This is a city where you can go from Bernini to Michelangelo to Julius Caesar to Meier. This is what we want to protect, Rome's double identity. The city as a rigorous protector of its past but also driven towards the future.”
 Walter Veltroni - “A big city can be a mass of people in conflict - you have to develop a sense of relationship,”
 Walter Veltroni - “We still don't know what the circumstances of the crime were, if it was in some way related directly or indirectly to the violence shaking the Islamic community in so many countries.”
 Walter Veltroni - “The court's sentence contrasts with the principles of civil justice and is a worrying signal. It is a backward-looking ruling that strikes at ... the civil conscience of women and of the whole country.”
 Walter Veltroni - “We wish to add our voices to calls that the forces of the police and army of the Yugoslav federation respect democracy and the will of the people.”
 Walter Veltroni - “This is proof that we want to be known as the city of acceptance. I think these sorts of things mark the civilization of a city they make it human. They build a sense of community and solidarity.”