My Favorite Quotes
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 Zacky Vengeance - “We get recognized everywhere we go now.”
 Zacky Vengeance - “I'd like to think that we will have had something to do with a shift back to heavy rock. That's what we've wanted all along, and we knew there'd be fearless steps to take to achieve that.”
 Zacky Vengeance - “Some of the things we said looked worse than we meant them.”
 Zacky Vengeance - “We play stuff from all of our albums because our fan base has been with us for so long. Kids are singing along to lyrics from the songs we play from the first album and the second album, so we definitely mix it up.”
 Zacky Vengeance - “They really put on a show and make sure the crowd is thoroughly impressed. Their shows are a lot of fun and its proven in the fact that they had so many fans and sold out shows for so many years.”
 Zacky Vengeance - “We want it to be an event rather than just a band up on stage playing. We wouldn't have it any other way. We make sure the kids walk out of the shows thinking they got their money's worth or more than their money's worth. We try to pack an arena show into a club.”