My Favorite Quotes
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 Gopalakrishnan Venkataraman - “We are looking at tourists as gods. If Japanese people come to India, we treat them as gods.”
 Gopalakrishnan Venkataraman - “The world has realized that India has many things to offer, not only from a tourism point of view, but economic, science and technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and information technology points of view. India is increasingly recognized as a destination with many facets.”
 Gopalakrishnan Venkataraman - “Because of its developing medical science infrastructure, medical tourism in India is on the increase. Because it's cost-effective and affordable, many people from Britain, mainland Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia come to India for treatment. Medical tourism is a growing market in India, now worth about 12 billion dollars.”
 Swami Venkataraman - “The question then becomes how do state utility commissions handle these costs and rate increases Clearly these fuel costs are beyond the control of utilities.”
 Gopalakrishnan Venkataraman - “Corporate Japan is looking toward India as an incentive destination. If employees did a good job or achieved a target, a company sends them on a holiday package to India at the company's cost. For example, Suzuki Motor Corp. is sending 2,600 employees, in several groups, to India on a five-day incentive holiday this month.”