My Favorite Quotes
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 Hein Verbruggen - “The Games are green, green and full green.”
 Hein Verbruggen - “It's another heavy blow to cycling so we have to take it all the way. And I also want to know who exactly it was who gave out this information.”
 Hein Verbruggen - “It's my first time here to see the equestrian venues for the 2008 Olympics. I'm very happy with what I saw. I think it's a good start.”
 Hein Verbruggen - “The normal sanction - if you can prove that someone has tested positive - is a two-year ban, but what we have here cannot be used as proof.”
 Hein Verbruggen - “substantial concerns about the impact of this matter on the integrity of the overall drug testing regime of the Olympic movement, and in particular the questions it raises over the trustworthiness of some of the sports and political authorities active in the anti-doping fight.”
 Hein Verbruggen - “I have to say this is not pleasant but, for the moment, it only involves Lance Armstrong and France.”
 Hein Verbruggen - “Hong Kong had a very good plan of post-Olympic legacy value,”
 Hein Verbruggen - “The judge decided not to name a substitute president. With 48 hours to go to the congress, and considering the situation, it wasn't worth it to name someone for this ceremony.”
 Hein Verbruggen - “It's not wise to condemn someone who hasn't tested positive in a legal sense.”
 Hein Verbruggen - “I think it's clear I don't like the man.”
 Hein Verbruggen - “It is wonderful to see how the Olympic spirit is being spread beyond Beijing into other areas in China.”