My Favorite Quotes
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 Renato Vercesi - “Telecoms are gaining flow -- they are cheap, have good fundamentals and are liquid.”
 Renato Vercesi - “Investors were calmer today, thinking Wednesday's fears over inflation were exaggerated.”
 Renato Vercesi - “A lot of blue chips performed strongly today, which shows that the market wants to go up.”
 Renato Vercesi - “The investor world of the stock widens enormously with an upgrade, so it is now rising on expectations of higher liquidity.”
 Renato Vercesi - “Right now, the problems at the macro level are too big for these changes to make a difference.”
 Renato Vercesi - “The market has no turnover, we only followed Nasdaq although well at a distance.”
 Renato Vercesi - “The market was following Nasdaq, but in a much calmer way than before. Also, trading was pretty thin, the final buyer was absent from the market.”