My Favorite Quotes
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 Nancy Verderber - “We spent decades trying to get the number of deaths to go down, so when they finally did there was a lot of celebrating. The word has really gotten out about early detection and it is working. Yes there are still bad outcomes and people who still pass away from this disease. But there is a lot of good living going on out there.”
 Nancy Verderber - “I see it becoming a chronic problem as opposed to a death sentence. A patient goes to the doctor and he diagnoses it and says this is what we do, it will become like something that is not fatal. You do the treatments and it is beaten. I am going to live to see that.”
 Nancy Verderber - “We want people to realize that while we are a national organization and our roots are in the community. We do raise a lot of money but we are also something patients can call on when they need something.”
 Nancy Verderber - “Daffodil Days is a great way for the volunteers of Greene County to share the hope that cancer can be beaten. It's an amazing effort that they put out each year for the fight against cancer.”
 Nancy Verderber - “The message that we are trying to get out to everybody is that if you do hear those words, 'I have cancer,' don't ignore it because you don't want to know, go get started. While not every cancer is cured, the quality of life is better now and the response to side effects have been successfully eliminated and reduced.”
 Nancy Verderber - “The progress that has happened through research and through greater awareness is an understanding that cancer is not a death sentence any more. Once your first thought was I am going to die, but now there is so much out there to help and a lot of survivors out there too.”
 Nancy Verderber - “We are the leading source of reliable information about cancer. We want to eliminate it as a major problem, but we are also here for the patients and for there loved ones.”