My Favorite Quotes
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 Sofia Vergara - “You know the writer is American I don't even think she speaks Spanish. So that was good because the director has a lot of Latin roots in her. But I think it is a target to the Latin market because there is a lot of Latin in it. I think anyone could enjoy it because it is very light, simple, funny things. It's a universal language.”
 Sofia Vergara - “I figured that she was the most fun of the girls. I was very excited when they gave me the part because I think I did it how it was supposed to be.”
 Victor Vergara - “From there we start looking for solutions for these areas. At the same time we show the data to students so they know how well they are doing.”
 Victor Vergara - “Based on this program and our consistency, our referrals are decreasing considerably. At this point last year, Valor processed 400 referrals and right now we have processed 100.”
 Sofia Vergara - “If you're asking if my breasts are natural, yes, this is how I've looked since I was 13 years old.”
 Sofia Vergara - “It was supposed to be an Asian girl, so when I read the script I said, 'How am I going convince John Singleton that what he needs is a crazy Latin woman' But I did. I got lucky.”
 Victor Vergara - “At Valor, we believe that the personal, social and academic growth of students is a responsibility shared by our students, their parents, the Valor staff, the school district and the community in which we live.”
 Sofia Vergara - “For the Latin market it's very common because that is who we are, we are very passionate people we like sexy type. I've been working for the Latin market eight years and I'm Latin so it's part of work. I don't see it as a bad thing. I don't over do it, it's not pornographic sexiness but we do like our sexy stuff, its how we're brought up I guess.”
 Sofia Vergara - “This is my natural hair color. I'm usually blonder but not that blond. That was a wig actually because I didn't want to make my hair blond. I have long hair but it's not that thick.”
 Victor Vergara - “Students may be recognized through positive affirmations for acceptable behavior both in the classroom and in other areas throughout the school.”
 Victor Vergara - “At the beginning of the year we celebrated this accomplishment with a special dessert in the Valor cafeteria.”