My Favorite Quotes
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 Justin Verlander - “That's the way I pitched all last year, using the off-speed to set it up a little bit more. I felt like sometimes I get into a habit of throwing too many fastballs and just relying on that, whereas I'm sure I could throw a lot more off-speed stuff for strikes.”
 Justin Verlander - “I'm hoping we can both learn a lot from each other and improve.”
 Justin Verlander - “From the get-go, I didn't have what I had last time, or my good stuff in general. I knew it was going to be a rough day, and I tried to battle through it.”
 Justin Verlander - “A little better. A little smoother, a little bit less nervous this time out. It's only my second time there's a lot of stuff to work on.”
 Justin Verlander - “It's great for another young guy, another good pitcher to match up against. But like I've said many times, it doesn't really matter who's on the other mound. I'm focused on what I can do.”
 Justin Verlander - “I'm progressing like I should be. I felt better today than I did the time before, and I felt better then than I did my first (start).”
 Justin Verlander - “It's my first big league win and you can't beat that. I'm kind of elated to tell you the truth. I wanted to continue the streak of our starting pitchers. That's 5-for-5 right there.”
 Justin Verlander - “Honestly, I wouldn't mind having another crack at him. I'm sure I'll get another opportunity, hopefully.”
 Justin Verlander - “I tried to guide it in there and I guided it right down the middle of the plate. If there's one pitch I'd like back it's that one. That was the biggest pitch of the game.”
 Justin Verlander - “We've got a bunch of young, solid pitchers out there that can all pitch at the major league level. So I think it's a great sign for the organization and for the Tigers in the future. As far as being in the middle of it, it's fun.”
 Justin Verlander - “When he was pitching in Oakland last week, he'd talk to me between a few of the innings. I remember sitting there, thinking, 'He's in the middle of the game. He's taking the time to explain to me what he's doing in certain situations and why.' It was pretty cool.”
 Justin Verlander - “Obviously, the first time out, I'm trying to make an impression. It's a little unnerving, so I had to battle through that a little bit. All and all, I think I did OK.”
 Justin Verlander - “We talk all the time. There is that age difference, but I'd like to consider us friends. He's a great guy. If he's got things to tell me, I'm definitely going to listen.”
 Justin Verlander - “I'm trying to win that spot and I'm fighting hard for it. But at the same time, I have to just let it happen because it's not my decision to make.”
 Justin Verlander - “I've always been able to control myself. If I go back down and the Tigers find something I have to work on, then hopefully I'll go back and show them that I can do what they want me to do up here.”
 Justin Verlander - “It doesn't really matter who's (the opposing pitcher). If I go out and do what I'm supposed to do, things take care of themselves.”