My Favorite Quotes
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 Patrick Beverley - “He didn't tell me he was returning, but sometimes you just get that feeling. I still hope he comes back.”
 John Calverley - “In these markets there is a herd instinct where people rush out to buy but then as soon as people think differently suddenly there are no buyers.”
 Marshall Overley - “He was tired and we thought it was too far. We're just going to have to go for it.”
 Patrick Beverley - “This is my last season, and I didn't want to lose a game at home. So I had to step up and be a leader. I just picked the perfect time to step up.”
 S. Calverley - “Cats may have had their goose Cooked by tobacco-juice Still why deny its use Thoughtfully taken”
 Patrick Beverley - “She's a great person, and I've known her since I've been here. For everything she's given to everyone here, God has given back to her today.”
 S. Calverley - “I must mention again it was gorgeous weather, Rhymes are so scarce in this world of ours.”
 S. Calverley - “And this song is considered a perfect gem, And as to the meaning, it's what you please.”
 S. Calverley - “Eugene Aram, though a thief, a liar, and a murderer, Yet, being intellectual, was amongst the noblest of mankind.”
 John Calverley - “They are really waiting to see how the economy will perform this year before raising rates,”
 Patrick Beverley - “I'd like to thank my teammates, my mother and the coaching staff. I couldn't have done this without them. It was a hard decision and I had to go with my heart.”
 Patrick Beverley - “It was my first visit, and I was just a little blown away by it all. I decided to take more time to make a decision.”
 Roy Verley - “Lew didn't shirk from that (criticism). He was not the guy out in front of the pack identifying the next big thing. But he was exceptional at picking the best ideas out of a bunch. ... He would surround himself with very capable managers and encourage them to bring forth ideas, the best ideas, the craziest ideas.”
 Roy Verley - “He was a great business leader, but I think he'll be remembered most as someone who truly embodied the best aspects of the HP Way personally.”
 S. Calverley - “Life is with such all beer and skittles They are not difficult to please About their victuals.”
 Patrick Beverley - “It's four quarters of basketball, you know The first two quarters, the jitters were in us. We were kind of nervous playing in front of that big crowd. But Coach (Lamont Bryant) kept telling us, 'Don't change anything. What we've been doing has got us down here.' Everyone followed through.”
 Roy Verley - “During the '80s and '90s, Lew became a champion for work-life balance.”
 S. Calverley - “Get out, you blazing ass Gabble o' the goose. Don't bugaboo-baby me”
 Patrick Beverley - “Winning brings everything. It's not that I'm playing any better. We're just getting more attention.”
 John Calverley - “My sense is that the U.K. market is two or three years ahead of the U.S. market.”
 John Calverley - “My sense is that the U.K. market is two or three years ahead of the U.S. market,”
 Patrick Beverley - “I think we underestimated their shooting ability. They shot the ball very well in the first half and we had to turn up the pressure in the second half and get them to turn the ball over. But they are a great shooting team.”
 C. S. Calverley - “Jones - (who, I'm glad to say,Asked leave of Mrs. J. - )Daily absorbs a clayAfter his labours.”
 C. S. Calverley - “Meaning, however, is no great matter.”
 C. S. Calverley - “Complete with hat and gloves,One on and one a-dangle i' my hand,And ombrifuge (Lord love you), case o' rain.I flopp'd forth, 'sbuddikins on my own ten toes.”

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