My Favorite Quotes
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 Danielle Verney - “This year the Super Bowl was moved back, so we won't have to worry about TVs running. The Super Bowl will only affect our first team. They'll be competing at the University of Texas in Austin that weekend.”
 Russell Verney - “We are asking the federal court to intervene because grave and irreparable harm will occur if a staged debate takes place as planned.”
 Russell Verney - “On behalf of every United States' citizens rights to a fair and open election, we are filing a lawsuit in federal court today charging our government, through their federal election commission, with interfering and tilting the election in favor of the Republicans and Democrats.”
 Russell Verney - “It would give an advantage in the election if a nominee is appointed in the interim. It would be appropriate to have the appointment only if it's not the nominee of one of the parties.”