My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Vernon - “The big thing is your health. If we have to work longer, we'd better be healthy.”
 Rick Vernon - “Going back to the '60's, we're one of the only schools that plays them year in and year out. When you play somebody for that period of time you're going to have that rivalry.”
 Richard Vernon - “I'm glad we won. I think there were three good candidates running this time and the voters chose Mark Sneed and myself. I'll do best my best to give the voters what they want as a board member.”
 Bill Vernon - “Their intent was to soften the blow, but, you know, the fact is it was not the truth.”
 Steve Vernon - “The barriers are more psychological than financial. People get used to a certain level of (guaranteed) income. Also, a lot of people can't seem to find the motivation to make a change.”
 Rick Vernon - “You want to eliminate the big plays, make them drive the field. On offense, we've got to be very aware of what we're going against. Turnovers will be very important in this game.”
 Steve Vernon - “When you're dealing with a little tiny detail, you put it in that context. Is this going to affect something 20 years out Do I need to take five more minutes and look a little bit closer to make sure”
 Richard Vernon - “The top priority is to listen and to work with others to get working on this huge deficit. We gotta try to solve it.”
 Richard Vernon - “I'd like to see this cost placed directly on the team.”
 Richard Vernon - “Environment and safety are the two biggest keys to being hired today. You not only have to be productive, you have to be environmentally sensitive, understand the rules and be safety conscious. This is what is really driving our company now.”
 Steve Vernon - “The cooperation of all of these people working together with this common goal is what's got us over the challenges, and that was exercised rather severely today and yesterday in getting a little bit behind schedule with this test. Their operations are laid out. One domino falls, and all the rest of them fall, and that's exactly where we are right now.”
 Bill Vernon - “If small business is the engine of economic recovery and if Massachusetts is a very large small-business state, both of which are true, I'm not surprised it's a tough go for small businesses. To me it's pretty obvious. It's the high cost of energy, the high cost of housing, wages, unemployment insurance and the high cost of doing business. Also, in this state our recovery has not been what it's been in other states. But businesses remain confident. Sometimes I wonder if they know what's going on out there.”
 Bill Vernon - “You've got employers who are facing the highest energy costs, the highest wages, the highest unemployment insurance, the highest real estate costs -- and to now put this on You're going to be in a position where the job growth isn't there, where people aren't making a decision to grow their business.”
 Steve Vernon - “Most employers will not change to be nice guys. Most of them have to have a business need.”
 Bill Vernon - “Mandates do not solve, but only exacerbate the problem. Mandates will seriously impact the state's ability to compete economically with other states.”