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 Scott Verplank - “That's regardless of what day it is and what golf course you're playing.”
 Scott Verplank - “I feel good about the way I'm scoring. My golf swing still feels like I took two months off.”
 Scott Verplank - “Oh, they have potential to burn. This should be a good year. This is an odd year, right And every odd year, they seem to do a good job.”
 Scott Verplank - “Obviously it's okay, but so far, I haven't been hitting on all cylinders. It's been good enough. I've scored pretty well.”
 Scott Verplank - “I was happy when he gave me that little 8-incher. He said, 'That's good.' And I went, 'Thank God.”
 Scott Verplank - “I think it's a step in the right direction. It rewards a guy playing well at that time.”
 Scott Verplank - “If I played any good I would have had a tremendous chance. I need to get that figured out I guess. I've had that a couple of times here in the last year or two.”
 Scott Verplank - “I was happy when he gave me a little eight-inch (putt) at the last. He said, 'That's good,' and I went, 'Thank God.' I was kind of thinking if I won today, I'd probably practice a little bit, but I think I already did.”
 Scott Verplank - “I worked about three times as hard as he did today.”
 Scott Verplank - “If I had played any good today, I would have had a tremendous chance. I need to go home and think about it, I guess.”
 Scott Verplank - “We both won. We're playing tomorrow.”
 Scott Verplank - “For the most part, depending on the conditions, the golf course still lends itself to a large variety of players being able to do well and possibly win the golf tournament. You know, we don't get that very many weeks anymore.”
 Scott Verplank - “I just hope this time my ball goes in and I drive that car off that's standing in the water.”
 Scott Verplank - “Obviously, Bob was in shock, ... We were, too. He finished the hole and I'm keeping his scoring, trying to figure out on the next tee what he made. But I'm certainly not going to ask him. Well, hell, then I'm feeling so bad for him, I get up and yank it right into the water to finish the third round with a double bogey myself.”
 Scott Verplank - “None of us played any good, to be honest. When the wind picks up, the golf course changes immensely.”
 Scott Verplank - “We played four or five holes without the wind. It just started slowly picking up. By the time we got to 6 or 7, it was full gale-force winds, and they were there the rest of the day.”
 Rohan Verplank - “Bobby really knows how to study a course before confronting it, having been a J5 racer for a couple of years. He's doing great in his first year as a J4.”
 Scott Verplank - “They're deserving of the accolades. Tiger is the best player in the world and has been proving it for several years, and Phil has raised his game. Man, the spotlight ought to be on them.”
 Scott Verplank - “Those guys are deserving of having the accolades. They are both at the top of the heap. Obviously Tiger is the best player in the world and he's been proving it for several years now. And Phil has raised his game up to a new level in the last couple of years. Man, the spotlight ought to be on them.”
 Scott Verplank - “I lost in a playoff a couple of years ago. I know my way around this course pretty good. I beg to differ. We'll see what happens.”
 Scott Verplank - “I always enjoy coming out here. I have a lot of friends out here. I've played the tournament a number of times. So really, I'm just going to hope that the weather stays great the week we're here.”
 Scott Verplank - “None of us played any good, to be honest. The wind picked up, the golf course changes immensely. I was just a little quick. I don't know whether it was the wind or nerves or whatever it was.”
 Scott Verplank - “The changes in treatment are like the difference in the space program, ... We went to the moon in '69. Now, we have the space shuttle, and we're talking about going back to the moon again.”
 Scott Verplank - “(Saturday), I hit the ball beautifully. Today, I didn't have it very good. And the way our group was, it was a matter of survival.”
 Scott Verplank - “Diabetes can slow you down. It can make your life different. But it doesn't have to stop you.”

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