My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Veru - “A lot of stocks have been left in the dust, a lot of very good companies that should be looked at.”
 Dan Veru - “A lot of their publications deal with the Internet, targeting professionals who write software for the Internet. So, in that way you're getting to play the growth in the Internet the growth of programmers, so on and so forth, without necessarily being right in the fray of it all.”
 Dan Veru - “I think even the most skeptical people about the productivity enhancements due to technology have been totally shocked by how it's played out in our economy.”
 Dan Veru - “I just think you have to look for the better values to make money in the stock market.”
 Dan Veru - “We like Quantum. The company's got 350 a share in cash and no debt, and it's generating a lot of cash flow. Storage has gone through a long period of decline, but we're seeing tremendous new demand coming in for storage every day. We think that pricing is going to improve, and these are companies with huge revenue bases where a nominal tick-up in the margin structure leads to tremendous profitability. We've got them earning over 4 (a share) over the next two years the stock is at 12 right now.”
 Dan Veru - “I think there's a lot of danger in just staying with the largest companies. The perception is that if you only buy the big stocks, they always go up. We've seen historically that that's not the case.”
 Dan Veru - “Here's a classic case of a company that's been completely ignored.”
 Dan Veru - “These guys just made a deal with one of the large online providers of health care over the Internet. The company does over 600 million in revenue and generates almost 80 million of cash flow a year. So, it's really becoming a major player in the health-care information services sector.”
 Dan Veru - “What they're doing is very smart. They're consolidating the high-yield bond industry at a cyclical low, when business is not so good now. Coming out of that they'll be the dominant player in the space.”
 Dan Veru - “We bought some shares recently in a dot.com company that was absolutely annihilated after this recent rout, About.com ( BOUT Research , Estimates ), which is the ninth-largest Web property of all Web properties. The stock dropped from 100 in late March, to a low of 21. This is a company with a real business model that had blowout first-quarter earnings. And they are actually going to turn a profit in 2001. Investors went from 'everything Internet is good', to the 'everything Internet is bad' mantra. So now you've got to do your homework and look at individual names and identify the business models that are valid. And I think this is one that can go back to its old high.”
 Dan Veru - “Everything used to be complex about Thermo. But they experienced every problem in the book before the restructuring -- nothing is going to bother them now.”