My Favorite Quotes
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 Richard Vespucci - “We would question the necessity of an expense like that.”
 Richard Vespucci - “Many of these decisions are ultimately the responsibility of the local district, but we are trying to come up with guidance to pass on to them. There's no target date for this grand plan, but as ideas come to light, we'll share them in a timely manner.”
 Richard Vespucci - “This is a terrible time no one will disagree.”
 Richard Vespucci - “You either believe there is a budget crisis or don't believe there is budget crisis.”
 Richard Vespucci - “High spending is not always bad and low spending is not always good. It depends on the make-up of the community . . . What are the goals of the district What types of students does the district have And what's going on in the community”
 Amerigo Vespucci - “Those new regions America which we found and explored with the fleet ... we may rightly call a New World ... a continent more densely peopled and abounding in animals than our Europe or Asia or Africa and, in addition, a climate milder than in any other region known to us.”