My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Sylvester - “We played him before and we did a very good job. We just didn't execute. We had an awful first half.”
 IdaRose Sylvester - “As semiconductor companies, they are both trying to take the reins of the digital home. Having a brand identity in this market is extremely important.”
 Matt Sylvester - “I should be bouncing off the walls on Sunday, my legs are so fresh. I hope we don't have these refs I'll get five fouls.”
 Valentine Vester - “But we diddled them. We made an imaginary list of hotel guests. I mean two can play at that game. It was shocking, really.”
 Douglas Ivester - “The board of directors had asked me to stay on through April to ensure a smooth transition, ... That transition is complete, and I am very confident that the Coca-Cola Co. is in very good hands under the leadership of Doug Daft and Jack Stahl.”
 James Sylvester - “The early study of Euclid made me a hater of geometry.”
 Arthur Sylvester - “Material farmed out for comments to interested agencies and people meant they would be in touch later.”
 Linda Vester - “We're not as civilized as we think. And I wanted with my coverage really to drive that point home - because there's something we can do about it.”
 Linda Vester - “Sometimes stories are inherently important whether or not they have a direct relation to your life.”
 Linda Vester - “Finally, I get to have houseplants and they stay alive.”
 Linda Vester - “As a journalist, it is so easy to get hardened when you see so many stories that are disturbing. Sometimes it's just your survival mechanism that makes you hardened to some of it.”
 Linda Vester - “And since I just turned 32, I'm thinking about getting married, having a family, and that's very difficult to do on the road as a correspondent.”
 James Sylvester - “The theory of ramification is one of pure colligation, for it takes no account of magnitude or position geometrical lines are used, but these have no more real bearing on the matter than those employed in genealogical tables have in explaining the laws of procreation.”
 Dave Sylvester - “We tried not to be too crazy when I came in by making a lot of changes all at once. It was just a gradual progression to fit in our style of play and I thought we were pretty successful with that.”
 Matt Sylvester - “I wish I could sugarcoat it, but the back was hurting a lot. Im a pretty humble person, but Im proud of myself that I could stay out there. To be completely honest, I was probably 70 to 75 percent tonight. It was hurting literally the entire time.”
 Matt Sylvester - “He was the player of the game in my mind today.”
 Douglas Ivester - “I should have spoken to you earlier, and I apologize for that. To all Belgian people, I want to say that I'm personally very sorry for any discomfort or inconvenience. My colleagues and I will be working very hard to earn you trust again.”
 Arthur Sylvester - “Look, if you think any American official is going to tell you the truth, then you're stupid. Did you hear that - Stupid.”
 IdaRose Sylvester - “Anyone who wants to own the digital home will see this as a shot across their bow, ... TI is coming at this market saying the PC may or may not be involved in the digital home at all. But they understand probably better than anyone how cameras and set-top box and all these little devices may need to talk to each other.”
 Linda Vester - “In my rational mind, I know... that is a very simplistic way of looking at it, but when there is violence of that kind, it challenges my faith. I still can't say that I totally understand why - why that is allowed to happen.”
 Linda Vester - “I think one of the most important things they did was create an environment where it was absolutely a given that women held authoritative positions.”
 Linda Vester - “But there's always a Mass. It's not a formal Mass at all. We're sitting around her dining room table with wine and Eucharist and holding hands. It's very informal and small, but to me that's a wonderful way to have Mass.”
 Dave Sylvester - “What makes them so good is that their big girls are athletic and can play, but also you have to worry about Jordan.”
 Matt Sylvester - “What really sparks Ron is the doubters. A guy that comes from Bowling Green to a major university like Ohio State, what really lights his fire is proving people wrong.”
 Linda Vester - “But for the first time in many years, I get to sleep in my own bed every night. I haven't done that, literally, in years. It seems like such a small thing, but it is so nice.”

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