My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Vetere - “We've come a long way in terms of how we view and treat our pets. And, fortunately for pets and people, there is still plenty of opportunity for healthy growth.”
 Bob Vetere - “Pets are an emotional issue, and retailers have a level of communication with the key people who will make noise about these topics.”
 Bob Vetere - “It's nice to have a pet that offers unconditional love, someone who doesn't talk back. I love cats, but cats take you on their terms. My golden retriever could have a broken leg, and his teeth could be falling out, but if I walk in the door, he'll wag his tail until it hurts.”
 Bob Vetere - “The boomers' kids have gone off to college, and they are looking for somebody to fill the void in the house, ... It's also the young professionals who are putting off having families, and are looking for companionship.”
 Bob Vetere - “The house is suddenly quiet and because the pet is replacing the children, you tend to humanize them a little bit. You also want to reward your pet more in terms that make you feel good. It's no longer just enough to find a couple of tennis balls and say, 'You've been a good dog today.”
 Bob Vetere - “It's a healthy segment, no question about it. These are folks with a little more disposable income and they are looking to make sure their pets are well taken care of.”
 Bob Vetere - “As a human, to just buy him a dirty old tennis ball is just not enough, even though he doesn't care. I feel better because I've given him something more than just a tennis ball.”
 Bob Vetere - “Baby boomers are turning to pets because it fills the empty house, as kids have gone off to college. Young professionals who aren't starting families right away are still looking for some kind of companionship.”
 Bob Vetere - “More people are discovering the many therapeutic health benefits associated with aquarium fish, ... An increasing number of offices, classrooms and homes are being equipped with aquariums, as additional studies show watching fish contributes to stress and anxiety reduction, relaxation and even leads to enhanced creativity and learning environments.”
 Bob Vetere - “you don't have to send a dog to college. You could buy him a 10,000 doghouse and still come out ahead.”