My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Vetzner - “He just felt this was the time to do this.”
 Steve Vetzner - “He was not feeling well. Doctors suggested he take some time away from the office. He's feeling better and expects to be back soon.”
 Steve Vetzner - “Of course we are. I don't understand where she comes up with this stuff. Lane has been Internet savvy for a long, long, time. ... We've worked to expand Internet access to schools, satellites, too, for educational television.”
 Steve Vetzner - “He's taking some time now because he wants to be in top shape for the campaign.”
 Steve Vetzner - “He's doing well. He wasn't feeling well back a few weeks ago. Doctors advised him to take some time off. ... Obviously, Parkinson's is a condition that does affect him. He wasn't feeling well, he sought his doctor's advice on it, they advised him to take some time off.”