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 Larry Vieira - “The two games this week are very winnable. Hopefully we will have a little momentum from last week that will carry us.”
 Larry Vieira - “The last two games (Cheshire and Milford) are the way I expect Branford hockey to play every game. I wouldn't have minded a game like this (Amity) if we hadn't dug ourselves in such a big hole earlier in the year.”
 Patrick Vieira - “Blackburn started really quite well but we responded and proved how strong we are. Robin came on and scored two fantastic goals.”
 Meredith Vieira - “I believe in growth, but right now I'm feeling terrific growing pains.”
 Larry Vieira - “That is the exact kind of hockey that I expect. We played extremely well in the game against Milford.”
 Larry Vieira - “Sometimes you run into a hot goalie in hockey. That is just the way this game works.”
 Larry Vieira - “They were exactly what Branford hockey is all about. They played disciplined, worked hard, and fore-checked. We need more of that.”
 Patrick Vieira - “I don't think the other teams are better than us. We have to look at ourselves and try to improve. The only way we can do that is to work harder and harder. I am sure that will come.”
 Meredith Vieira - “I thought about this long and hard, and I am so, so honored to join this family.”
 Larry Vieira - “I thought we played well. We started out well and played with a sense of urgency. We played like we are supposed to play and we looked like we were having fun. It was nice to get a win and play well.”
 Larry Vieira - “We came back from 5-2 and the momentum went our way but we came up just a little short. I thought we did a great job.”
 Larry Vieira - “I feel bad for these kids right now. We have come up short in one or two goal games seven times this year. That has been the story of our season. The hockey gods definitely haven't helped us out this year...no bounces or call in our favor late in games.”
 Patrick Vieira - “We're still hungry for the title.”
 Meredith Vieira - “The point of 'The View' is to give your view on various issues. There's nobody who has no biases on one side or another. It's my responsibility to put those aside. It has no place on 'Today'. But there's nothing I've ever said that I'm ashamed of.”
 Patrick Vieira - “I guess I am more like a vice-captain now,”
 Larry Vieira - “Our schedule is difficult. But if we can't beat good teams, we don't deserve to be in the state tournament. We have our work cut out for us over the next 10 games.”
 Patrick Vieira - “A worry No, it is about ourselves,”
 Patrick Vieira - “who plays a lot on intimidation but he's come to the wrong address with me because I'm like him on that level.”
 Patrick Vieira - “Those who believed we could score four goals against them were wrong. All the teams have improved and they all want to beat France. It's difficult every time now.”
 Patrick Vieira - “He's not totally wrong but on the other hand it's easy to say negative things from the outside.”
 Meredith Vieira - “She called me at 6 a.m. yesterday and said, 'You know what, if you had asked me, I would have told you to go.”
 Meredith Vieira - “At first I wrote it off because I'd been down that path before and decided against it. But the more I thought about it, I thought I owed it to myself and my family to really consider this as a possibility.”
 Patrick Vieira - “It's normal that people expect more from the French team,”
 Larry Vieira - “This is really Joe's second year of playing goalie. He's an excellent athlete and is really learning how to do it. Tonight they exposed his weaknesses. But they exposed us because we had someone in the penalty box all night.”
 Larry Vieira - “East Haven is known to have a great power play. As a coach, it's probably the most embarrassing game I've been associated with in 23 years. We had 12 penalties and two were hitting from behind. We were in the box the entire night on ridiculous penalties.”

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