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 Bob Vila - “When this happens, it kind of stuns you, and you realize you have to make improvements that will help the next time around,”
 Bob Vila - “Especially in hot climates, where houses have a big deck, make sure it's well-supported and that there are no signs of rot. You want to be sure it's going to hold up when a dozen people sit on it during an afternoon cookout.”
 Daphne Avila - “The restrictions are a big factor. We work with marketing researchers and suppliers who are in tune with these things to make sure we have an adequate supply of those goods.”
 Al Avila - “You do the best you can to make the transition as easy as possible. It doesn't guarantee that a kid is going to make it, but it gives you a better shot if you help him along.”
 Al Avila - “His development has come along real well. He's made good strides defensively. His hitting, though, is what really has impressed us. It's good enough to where we feel he'll go to Triple-A and play a big role there.”
 Lixion Avila - “They kept telling me you have to have patience, ... Systems in the Caribbean in October take a long time to develop.”
 Nicolas Davila - “Modern man does not love, but seeks refuge in love does not hope, but seeks refuge in hope does not believe but seeks refuge in dogma.”
 St. Teresa of Avila - “To have courage for whatever comes in life -- everything lies in that.”
 Joey Avila - “I wouldn't say it's confidence. I think last year I lacked certain fundamentals. I was inconsistent with my swing. I've worked on correcting those flaws.”
 Nicolas Davila - “A philosopher who adopts scientific notions predetermines his conclusions.”
 Lixion Avila - “The last suite of model runs we had today, most of the reliable computer models all have the storm tracking farther west than the earlier runs and have the track closer to New Orleans.”
 Luis Avila - “I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Then I got a call from Eastern Oklahoma State, a junior college, and they offered me a scholarship.”
 Lixion Avila - “There are no clear reasons and I am not going to make one up to explain the recent strengthening of Epsilon.”
 Nicolas Davila - “Violence is not necessary to destroy a civilization. Each civilization dies from indifference to the unique values which created it.”
 Nicolas Davila - “The Church used to absolve sinners today it has the gall to absolve sins.”
 Daphne Avila - “Those holidays add to the magnitude of the after-Christmas shopping day. This year we planned extended hours to anticipate the shoppers.”
 Daphne Avila - “Those holidays add to the magnitude of the after-Christmas shopping day.”
 Bob Vila - “Our challenge to the children is simple solve an everyday problem by creating a muscle-powered tool. Their response is extraordinary - with tools that do everything from making household tasks easier, to improving the lives of the young, disabled or elderly.”
 Don Avila - “Because the whole area around there has grown we need to increase the capacity so we are basically rebuilding the old pumping plant. The bottom line is this is to the benefit of everybody. When you're upgrading your infrastructure, you're making it more reliable and able to handle the demand.”
 Daphne Avila - “We certainly understand parents' concerns, and we don't want to associate ourselves with promoting alcohol to youth.”
 Nicolas Davila - “Every marriage of an intellectual with the communist party ends in adultery.”
 St. Teresa of Avila - “. . . about the injunction of the Apostle Paul that women should keep silent in church Don't go by one text only.”
 St. Teresa of Avila - “How is it, Lord, that we are cowards in everything save in opposing Thee”
 St. Teresa of Avila - “Patient enduranceAttaineth to all thingsWho God possessethIn nothing is wantingAlone God sufficeth.”
 St. Teresa of Avila - “It is true that we cannot be free from sin, but at least let our sins not be always the same . . .”

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