My Favorite Quotes
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 James Vilade - “This was the team I always had confidence in. The starting rotation finally fell in line the way it was supposed to, the defense played error free today and the lineup was unstoppable.”
 James Vilade - “The first game tomorrow is what we have to worry about right now. We are playing catch-up right now and need to get one first, and then try and get the other.”
 James Vilade - “With this being the last home series and with us two games out of first place, we knew taking each game one at a time was what we had to do. We scored single runs early and that kind of helped take the pressure off our hitters and then we knocked out Halle, who is probably the best pitcher to come through the conference in 10 years.”
 James Vilade - “It's definitely an honor. It's not something we talk about a whole lot around here. We got the nod and that's great, but we want to try to be postseason number one. That's the big goal.”
 James Vilade - “It was anybody's game today and we didn't get it done. We made some mental mistakes that you can't make and we had some chances to win it and couldn't.”
 James Vilade - “James goes after hitters, he really challenges them in the zones. He missed the zone and walked a few guys but he has confidence in his stuff and came back to get out of a jam.”
 James Vilade - “I think going into conference play, every series is big, especially your home opener when you are trying to build some momentum. Being in a tie with (Austin College), it brings a little bit more to the series and hopefully we can make a move and put some space between them and us.”
 James Vilade - “We have a lot of heart and it showed in the third game after letting the second one get a little bit out of hand. As up and down as this conference has been, unless Louisiana College swept this weekend, no one will have too commanding a lead and it could still come down to the last weekend.”
 James Vilade - “(Non-conference) games are important to every college team. These games help us stay sharp and we get quality at-bats from our hitters and more starts for our pitchers.”
 James Vilade - “This program is phenomenal and this is a good win for our program and our baseball team. You don't get a top-25 ranking by accident and they are a quality team.”
 James Vilade - “Any time you play at home you have an advantage, but this year especially with our fans showing up and supporting us. That makes the players more comfortable and we have played a lot of good baseball at home this year.”