My Favorite Quotes
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 Mayco Villafana - “What we do is that if they believe there's an issue, we have to take this information and reconcile it. We go out there and do a complete streetlight count. If we owe the city, we will pay them back.”
 Mayco Villafana - “We're very confident of our records. At the same time, it is dynamic and it's changing.”
 Mayco Villafana - “Today the FPL family is saddened, and is really mourning.”
 Mayco Villafana - “We can understand their frustration. Certainly this kind of reconciliation takes time. But in the end, you will be reconciled. You will be made whole.”
 Mayco Villafana - “To continue on a track to increase the number of plants we have that are gas perhaps is not the wave of the future.”
 Mayco Villafana - “I understand that this has been very frustrating to the officials at the city, but we're just waiting to make sure that we have everything completed. If indeed there is a difference, we will resolve that and pay back if it's on our side of the house to do so.”
 Mayco Villafana - “A law like this may have unintended consequences.”
 Mayco Villafana - “I don't think there's any conflict at all between what the hurricane center was saying and what we're saying.”
 Mayco Villafana - “We fully support an 8-year cycle as well. If the commission feels an 8-year cycle will provide that additional confidence regarding the resistance of our system we support that objective.”
 Mayco Villafana - “If there are more intense storms in these hurricane cycles, well, essentially we need a reserve that is going to be able to take care of one or two or three storms.”