My Favorite Quotes
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 Jacques Villeneuve - “He should give up motorbikes and join us.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “Starting from 19th place with a full tank and finishing sixth is obviously a lot better than I expected, so it was a very good race for me. The only problem I had was warming up the tires after the numerous safety car phases. We have to have a look at this to improve the situation but otherwise our pace was good.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “My lady is fast but moody.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “Winning is still the reason that I drive in formula one. And the title, as well. I'm not here just to be part of it. I haven't forgotten how to win.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “The problem is if you spend too many years in a car that can't win, the day you're in one that can, you're not used to it, so it will have an effect.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “He doesn't seem to have the personality for a No. 2 He is a fighter. He's not one who will just accept being behind. He is still progressing, and Ferrari can only be good for him.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “Normally the good teams stay in front when there is a regulation change, the teams that do the most testing and have the most budget end up adapting fastest. From pre-Christmas testing it's very difficult to know because not every team was running with V8s, so it's really impossible to know where anybody stands at the moment.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “If I knew I couldn't win races, I would have stayed in the States.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “I hate it when politics play too large part in the sport.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “The fans come. They don't care about the third drivers.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “I had to back off on one lap near the end because of yellow flags, but that happened while we were on a long run so it wasn't really a problem and I did my best lap on the next one, which was my last. The grip was getting better all day, having been very low to begin with this morning. We still have some set-up work to do, but it was okay.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “Between 1999 and 2004, I experienced firsthand the difficulties and complexities involved in setting up a new team. But I've never been afraid of a challenge.”
 Jacques Villeneuve - “I'm always taken aback by the affection that this area shows toward my father. I feel the affection too.”