My Favorite Quotes
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 Brian Villoria - “Wow, I thought you were supposed to be this mean fighter that goes out there and knocks people out all the time.' Well, in the ring, yes, but outside the ring I'm a person and I go out there and try other things also.”
 Brian Villoria - “I did film. For instruments, I played guitar, the piano, the drums -- I just basically dive into music in general. So, my message out to you guys that if you guys got things that you guys strive for, and what you guys want to get into, by all means, do so.”
 Brian Villoria - “For me to have my aspirations in film probably way after my boxing career is over, you know, he's said he's there to help me out if I need him.”
 Brian Villoria - “I think there's a lot of kids out there that love doing different things, but just basically afraid that socially it's not acceptable to love arts or to love music.”