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 Adam Vinatieri - “Yeah, ... but who knows what would have happened if I'd missed There was still a lot of football left to play.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “When I'm flipping through the channels at home and see ESPN, I'll automatically stop and see what's going on. It's great. The reason we're so successful is because of the fans, and the reason why the fan base is so big is because of the TV deals, including ESPN.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “Hopefully many of those kicks are still with me. Mike is a great kicker. I've got some pretty big shoes to fill.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “Mike is a great kicker. I've got some pretty big shoes to fill. Everything changes for one reason or another and I'm excited to have the opportunity to be here.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “This, to me, was the right decision.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “It's hard to say goodbye.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “Nugent's a little different -- he's a draft pick and I was a free agent. I felt like I had to go out and perform every single day and prove myself. You feel like you're always 20 minutes away from being fired.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “Every time you step out onto the field you have to redo it. Just because you've done it in the past doesn't mean anything.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “I thought it was awesome. It just adds one more thing to his legacy ... as if he needs another thing to add to his legacy in Boston.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “Flutie might have been there the last time it happened.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “It was a crappy game. Normally we know how to execute under pressure. But we just didn't do a very good job of that today. When you play a good team like Denver and don't play well, you get beat and that's what happened. It's a bad feeling.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “He's a good guy and he's been a good kicker for a long time. I expect him to make all of his kicks, so hopefully it doesn't come down to him having an opportunity because he's pretty good.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “The margin of error is small in a playoff game. Everybody has to play well. And every once in a while, one game comes down to one play. You never know when it is, or what play has to be made, but you have to try to do your job when it comes to that.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “It does give you a little more distance. It's one of those things (the media) like to play up a lot more with the altitude and all that. It makes a little difference as far as the carry on the ball, but ultimately, as far as playing and performing, you still have to go out and make (the kick). I don't think it's going to make a difference in winning and losing.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “He's having a nice year. Anytime you play up in the Northeast, it can be a difficult place to kick, especially New York. He's done a nice job, especially being a rookie, where everything's new and there's a little more pressure on top.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “Six weeks ago, we didn't know much about this team. But we're going to be OK though. I'm sure we'll have a big target on us again this year, but we've got some good tools out there, some pretty good team leadership. Hopefully we can find a way to continue to set the standard.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “It was like kicking a rock. But the nice thing about it was you really couldn't feel your feet anyway, so it didn't hurt too much.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “He does it over and over again. As long as we have a minute left in the game, he and the boys just find a way to get it done. It's pretty impressive just watching the guys work and do their jobs so well.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “It means a lot to me because I respect the guy so much. He's a great football player, a great man.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “That'll be in the back of my head - very far back. The team success is way more important than any personal goals, but it just means I've been fortunate to play on a good team for a long time.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “When he's out there in a jersey and helmet, it will be fun to see. ... He's an overachiever who's always going one million miles an hour. He'll give us a physical and mental lift, and the fans will appreciate seeing him back on the field.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “It's a great story,”
 Adam Vinatieri - “We shocked the world, but we didn't shock ourselves. That's kind of one of those things we all dream about as we grow up, having a chance to win the Super Bowl in the last minute.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “Also, there aren't enough adjectives to describe how clutch Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri is with the game on the line. His 46-yard field goal with 411 to play Saturday night was the 16th game-winning kick of his career. It was like kicking a rock, ... But the nice thing about it was you really couldn't feel your feet anyway, so it didn't hurt too much.”
 Adam Vinatieri - “The offense did a good job in the two-minute drill to get down there and use up all the clock. We find a way to get it done. We've sure had our ups and downs this year, but this team has a lot of heart.”

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