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 Vince Young - “He's a gifted athlete, and just came out and played the game. Him coming in at running back shows what kind of talent he has. He's getting better with his receiving routes, and getting better running the ball.”
 Vince Young - “A rumor is a rumor to me, it's just like high school, they say you kissed some girl, but you really didn't, so that's how I feel about it.”
 Vince Young - “Quit acting like we accomplished something, ... We haven't reached our goals yet.”
 Vince Young - “I just hate that everyone thinks it's me. It's not just me.”
 Vince Young - “Oklahoma throws a lot at you, ... So I made it a point to get my head ready and the mental part of the game ready so that I would be prepared this year.”
 Vince Young - “We hope we made a statement to the bowl voters,”
 Vince Young - “Right now, we're the best of friends. If I want to go and just get away, go to coach's house and just talk and sit back and relax, we're just like that.”
 Vince Young - “Just like those other guys, you've got to start somewhere. They are close to me, and I know they won't hurt me. And they are intelligent. I have the last say-so on everything, but they know what I want and the things I'm trying to accomplish.”
 Vince Young - “My mom was like, 'You're going to end up in jail or killed from the type of things that you're doing,”
 Vince Young - “I'm way different than I was last year. You learn something new every year. I learned a whole lot from last season and a whole lot from this season. I'm still learning.”
 Vince Young - “I thought they should have come out more pumped. But they're a great team and they will bounce back.”
 Vince Young - “I wanted to know why he thought that was his best option.”
 Vince Young - “Now it's time for the second part of the season and the finish, ... Now, we prepare for that.”
 Vince Young - “That's the type of stuff we want as a team, everyone having a good time, ... We're going to go out there and play hard and have fun doing it. You don't have to always be uptight doing your job.”
 Vince Young - “I've never even had the chance to meet him, but for him to take the time to write me a note, you have to appreciate that. Come on, it's Ricky. He's the man. It's a great feeling when someone like that shows you respect.”
 Vince Young - “We're just having a good time. It helps everybody play better, keeps everybody loose.”
 Vince Young - “I guess we would be the greatest of the greatest of the greatest of the greatest of all time.”
 Vince Young - “I felt like I did a good job and I was relaxed and poised. This is my job and every time I step out on the field I take it seriously.”
 Vince Young - “Whether I have to run it 100 times or pass it 100 times, that's what I'll do.”
 Vince Young - “Just interview. I don't feel like I have to show a lot. I think they understand me, have been watching me for a long time.”
 Vince Young - “From the Rose Bowl, it kind of just took off and carried over. A lot of guys on the team, we knew what it takes and understand what we need to do to play well to get to this point.”
 Vince Young - “We're not going to be scared. We're going to be pumped. Nervousness is not a part of the University of Texas.”
 Vince Young - “It's been a long time since the University of Texas did what we did.”
 Vince Young - “I think this is a statement that University of Texas is going to fight to the finish,”
 Vince Young - “To me, it's like a Texas-Arkansas game. They were doing a lot of trash-talking, and they had their commemorative shirts. To me, it's just a fun game, two great schools going at it, trying to get a victory.”

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