My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Province - “She was my right hand woman and always encouraged me. She kept me on track.”
 Dan Province - “She always stood up and said we're going to stop Columbus from eating up lots of the land. She helped a lot with getting Norton Road widened. She always said the roads weren't safe.”
 Janji Vince - “The songs on my first album were such that I started really high and by the time we reached the chorus, I had to use falsetto. This time, I focused on my vocal performance. I would say that the songs are more accessible to all levels of society.”
 Martin Vince - “When we give our presentations, we say penguins can't fly in the air, but they fly in the water. We might have to change that.”
 Dan Province - “She was one of the founders and had the original idea along with myself and Jim McCormick to establish a commission sometime in 1988 or 1989.”
 Dan Province - “It's a little too dense as it is. We'd like to see them adjust that. We've also asked them to do a traffic study for the area to make sure it won't have a negative effect on traffic in the area.”
 Janji Vince - “To be in the finals was great in itself, but to make it on your own composition made it all the more special.”
 Dan Province - “She was really interested in making sure the West Side remained a place where people wanted to live.”
 Martin Vince - “When the door to the exhibit opened, it was quite something to watch 10 of these spectacular birds waddle down the hall and into their new home.”
 Martin Vince - “We were overwhelmed by the response to this. Names came from everywhere. Past presidents, well known movies, names based on the penguins' black and white coloring and names that translated into different languages.”
 Martin Vince - “These penguins are one of the most exciting additions we have ever made to the bird collection. When they're in the water, there's nothing like them - they're perfect little rockets.”