My Favorite Quotes
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 Troy Vincent - “We missed a ton of tackles. I don't think we're pressing. But we didn't give the offense enough opportunities.”
 Bill Vincent - “We really picked up in the second quarter and they (Flandreau) cooled off, and we had some good contributions from our bench that helped us get back in the ball game.”
 Ronald Vincent - “Our pitchers did a good job making good pitches and getting groundouts. They all did a good job. That was really big when they got the first two guys on with two outs. (Pair) was able to pitch his way out of it.”
 Fay Vincent - “It's not perfect. But George Mitchell is credible. He should do a good job.”
 Tom Vincent - “He had never tried them before, so we stopped. We are teaching him to gamble, which probably is not a good thing.”
 Tom Vincent - “Briarcliff citizens need to pay more attention to the caucus. It's specially attuned to the needs of small-town government and it has worked well with some minor interruptions for more than a century.”
 Sam Vincent - “A lot of sentimental value stuff that we are trying to get. Things that we are going to keep close to our heart.”
 Fay Vincent - “John is the hero. He did a great job. Now Rose admits John was correct.”
 Jeff Vincent - “Losing Valerie for four weeks will hurt however, I still believe we will be OK. We have talented runners and good leadership on this team. This is still a top-ranked team.”
 Fay Vincent - “I don't think the individuals are going to be willing to discuss their individual votes. We agreed we would not do that.”
 Fay Vincent - “I think he (Selig) is probably better able to get support among owners, ... But they're trying to roll back 25 years of labor agreements in one round. I was telling them the best you can do is incremental improvement - it's going to take a long time to straighten out this. They didn't want to hear that.”
 Vinnie Vincent - “I hope to find the perfect band as well, I really do, and I'm working very hard to find that band.”
 Vinnie Vincent - “I think with keeping the Invasion name, I'm remembered from that, and it will give the fans who know it, a chance to introduce me to new fans.”
 Gene Vincent - “I hope my fans remember my name is Gene Vincent and not Gene Autry.”
 Gene Vincent - “I'm a crack shot and I've won medals for shooting. But I don't think I could shoot a person.”
 Fay Vincent - “This is a coup for commissioner Bud Selig. I'm surprised it's as good as it is.”
 Fay Vincent - “It's not in baseball's interest or the players' interest to be taking this stance. It's the people's game.”
 Fay Vincent - “I believe that, too, it's hard to believe that anybody could not believe that.”
 Fay Vincent - “I can't be optimistic. I can be hopeful.”
 Troy Vincent - “We have our own reasons for what's motivating us right now.”
 Troy Vincent - “Together we knew that we could have success.”
 Troy Vincent - “There is no future. This is the season. Get to the Super Bowl.”
 Troy Vincent - “I encourage everyone out there to get involved.”
 Troy Vincent - “History is history.”
 Troy Vincent - “At the end of the program, I tried to talk to the kids a little bit about life skills.”

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