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 Shawnda Vines - “She lost a little bit there towards the end. I think she kind of got worn out there at the end. That's why we had to bring Carly (Britton) in. I think throughout the entire game, (White) did a great job for us. We're going to look to her and Carly both for big games this season.”
 Shawnda Vines - “I can't be any more proud of them. We've been in a must-win situation for four games now and they've been able to come through and get the wins for us.”
 John Vines - “the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces, the capability of the government to support those forces in the field, the state of the insurgency and a whole range of conditions.”
 Jason Vines - “It's no secret that the longer plant workers are on the job, the better it is for productivity, ... On the other hand, you have to admit, U.S. auto companies are pretty magnanimous in agreeing to a more leisurely, quality rest room respite.”
 John Vines - “There are a lot more Iraqi security forces available to be employed at this time than there were in January of this year,”
 Shawnda Vines - “We couldn't have won the game without (Woods and Russell). Both of them came up to the plate and came through big time. This is the best game both of them have had at the same time this year.”
 Jason Vines - “Big Oil would rather fill the pockets of its executives and shareholders, rather than spend sufficient amounts to reduce the price of fuel, letting consumers, during tough economic times, pick up the tab.”
 Shawnda Vines - “She stepped up today. That's exciting to see that from some of our younger players.”
 John Vines - “He moves furtively. He has what is known as good trade craft, ... ... It means that he knows how to avoid exposure to being caught. He's very good.”
 Jason Vines - “If Mr. Lampe is basing his defense of Firestone tires on that 100 percent wrong Washington Post story, he's started his first day on the job on a very poor note,”
 John Vines - “Based on the national elections that took place in January, we anticipate that insurgents will attempt to intimidate voters and deprive them of the opportunity to vote,”
 John Vines - “The number 140,000 is probably about right,”
 John Vines - “The problem is, the security mission goes on here and if we take some out, those that are left are at some risk it increases their risk, ... Unfortunately, we're not able at this time unless someone is known to have a family member wounded or injured or killed we're not in a position to make those adjustments.”
 John Vines - “The loss of any innocent life, indeed any life, is tragic,”
 Shawnda Vines - “We didn't come out very intense but we still were able to win the ball game. We want to finish district on a strong note and our kids came through when they didn't play their very best.”
 John Vines - “But after all, we are a democracy, and that is what democracy is about, is people will have differences of opinion.”
 John Vines - “that is what democracy is about.”
 Shawnda Vines - “We put it all together today. All of our hits were together -- finally -- and we got good pitching and defense. They showed how much they wanted to win today. This was exciting to see.”
 John Vines - “Of course the debate and the bitterness is disturbing,”
 John Vines - “Of course the debate and the bitterness of it is disturbing. But, after all, we are a democracy and that is what democracy is about. People will have differences of opinion, ... Certainly, soldiers are concerned about whether or not they enjoy the support of not only their elected representatives but the people. And they know that they have their support.”
 John Vines - “Of course the debate and the bitterness is disturbing. But, after all, we are a democracy, and that is what democracy is about ... people will have differences of opinion,”
 John Vines - “I know that our recommendations will be based on conditions here in-country. They will not be based on the things that you allude to,”
 Jason Vines - “There's a lot of misinformation out there, ... Frankly, it's starting to confuse our customers and we've about had it with that.”
 Jason Vines - “We're prepared to share all the data that we have, ... And we'll share with them the way we analyzed it over the last few weeks and came to some overwhelming conclusions.”
 Shawnda Vines - “It was a very hard fought game and the kids played hard. We didn't take care of the ball and didn't do a good job in the eighth inning. We did a great job up to that point.”

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