My Favorite Quotes
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 Stephen Vinson - “Russell will have better games Mario is going to come along. I still see my role (is), whatever I can do to help, I'll do. I'm just trying to help other guys succeed.”
 Danielle Vinson - “She's going to have to overcome that. Thus far, she's pointing out the problems with him, but I'm not sure she's giving them a good alternative, or at least making them comfortable with the alternative.”
 Paul Levinson - “The government leaks things to the press to gauge public reaction. It's a well-known secret.”
 Paul Levinson - “But I think it would be tougher for Walken than it was for Reagan. His weird roles might harm him.”
 Paul Levinson - “I don't think the First Amendment entitles journalists to take advantage of illegal activities.”
 Nancy Vinson - “Eighty-four were successful. Forty-eight violated the terms and returned to jail.”
 Leonard Levinson - “Chicago - a pompous Milwaukee.”
 Leonard Levinson - “He is a fine friend. He stabs you in the front.”
 Barry Levinson - “When I began to think about the head of the family, the storyteller, the rise of television which became the new storyteller, the break-up of the American family as an idea and then Avalon came.”
 Barry Levinson - “I'm thinking, this is Robert Redford. You know, he's won an Academy Award, he's talking to me about directing a movie he's in. So you just think that it's Hollywood stuff or whatever.”
 Barry Levinson - “I worked at a local television station and I got a chance to direct and do all those things - worked kiddie shows, Ranger House show with the hand puppets and things like that.”
 Barry Levinson - “I never really wanted to be an actor. And that was the beginning of it, I began to write things down and eventually became a writer on a television show.”
 Barry Levinson - “Craig Nelson who is an actor and is in a show called Coach in the United States. We began to do some improvisational stuff and we used to get laughs and things.”
 Barry Levinson - “You have a movie and it proves itself and then certain things happen.”
 Barry Levinson - “Well it was sent to me, well because almost everything that is written in Baltimore is sent to me. And David Simon, who was a writer for the Baltimore Sun, spent one year following the homicide squad in Baltimore and he chronicled that period of time.”
 Barry Levinson - “A lot of time mistakes are very interesting - you look for the behaviour that's not the one you expect.”
 Josh Levinson - “We were, overall, pretty pleased with what we saw. The proof will be if in one or two year's time, we see the numbers start to go down. Because the numbers have never gone down, they've always gone up.”
 Stephen Vinson - “You think about that game. Hopefully, we'll use that as learning experience and use it to our advantage this time.”
 Brent Vinson - “I think I do a good job of catching the football, and I understand that they struggled with that last year. But I also can do some things after the catch. I like to think that I can take a short pass and turn it into a long gain.”
 Stephen Vinson - “You have to think about it. CBS plays that commercial like every day. I'm trying to get excited about this tournament. But every time I try to watch something about it, that commercial is on there.”
 Paul Levinson - “All the hand-wringing misses the most enduring truth It is wrong to jail a reporter for protecting sources, including flawed reporters. When the dust clears, journalists and newsrooms will be emboldened and Miller's reputation will be transformed.”
 Barry Levinson - “I got involved with an acting school and studied for a couple years. They used to have improv exercises that you would work on and you would do improvs.”
 Josh Levinson - “Who would have thought 25 years into the epidemic, one of the biggest problems would be that we don't know what the problem is”
 Keauna Vinson - “We have to play as hard as we can, knowing that this could be our last game if we don't. I think, if we do that, we should perform pretty well.”
 Nancy Vinson - “That was so important as far as water quality and habitat and public views. People come to South Carolina to enjoy these gorgeous marsh views.”

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