My Favorite Quotes
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 Guy Virgilio - “What can I say Anytime you win it feels good. I'm proud of the girls for hanging in there.”
 Guy Virgilio - “For a spectator this was a great game to watch. You could tell they had the momentum, then we had it and then they had it. It was a very, very close match. I feel fortunate, but I'm glad we came out on top because it was anybody's game.”
 Guy Virgilio - “We had an opportunity. They had an opportunity. This is one of those games where it could go either way. I'm definitely glad to be on the top end of it.”
 Guy Virgilio - “You knew they weren't going to give up. We saw that the other night. I'm telling you, I was concerned toward the end.”
 Guy Virgilio - “In all the coaching clinics that I've taken, one of the comments you always hear is that if you coach a long time, at least once you will get the pleasure of coaching an athlete that could be at the Olympic level. I really feel that, in my career, she'll probably be the athlete that has a chance at becoming an Olympic athlete.”
 Guy Virgilio - “They are the two most consistent penalty kick takers we have. But normally if (a player) is involved in a play, I do not let that individual take it. That player might be too emotional, and it's bitten me before. But at the last second, I said, 'You guys make the decision. One of you is going to take it.' I think they made the right decision.”