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 David Vitter - “I was really uplifted here. There are heroes to this story and they are the local leaders and private citizens who banded together in the individual communities that were devastated to just get the job done in the initial days, with no help in those initial days coming in from outside, they got it done and they are the real heroes.”
 David Vitter - “We do not need international help to stop corruption, we need strong Louisiana Leadership.”
 David Vitter - “Hopefully today is the turnaround, that is my prayer,”
 David Vitter - “On the positive side, I'm very impressed so far with Vice Admiral Allen,”
 David Vitter - “The situation has gotten a lot better. The water is not rising right now in New Orleans.”
 David Vitter - “When a disaster is as big as at least Katrina, and you have this full-scale mobilization food and water and ice and rescue efforts I believe the proper entity at the federal level is the uniformed services to be in the lead of that,”
 David Vitter - “We just have horrible conditions to deal with, ... For instance, every and route into the city except one is flooded and obviously we are using air assets, but it is tough. They are moving things into the city, diesel fuel, water, ice food etc as fast as they can.”
 David Vitter - “Wendy and I grew up in New Orleans, and every place we know and have so many wonderful memories of, is almost all under water,”
 David Vitter - “It's not a perfect bill but it's a good, solid bill worth passing,”
 David Vitter - “The first thing we did was increase the amount we bring back to Louisiana, ... We have been and still are what's called a 'donor state.' For every 1 of federal gasoline tax that we spend, we get less than 1 back in federal highway funds. That's wrong, particularly because we are very needy and are considered a relatively poor state.”
 David Vitter - “We haven't been disciplined enough over the last 10 years. We need to do that, and we needed to do that before Katrina. We still need to do that over the medium and long term,”
 David Vitter - “What's important to real people in the real world in the real devastated area is that we get real help to them today, not give a speech, not filibuster,”
 David Vitter - “It could have that effect. Our (legislation) would provide an incentive for people to come back.”
 David Vitter - “We need a Katrina reconstruction commission headed by a no-nonsense, nonpolitical, businessman manager so that we all have something lasting to show for this spending,”
 David Vitter - “That would be absolutely horrible news for our Gulf states.”
 David Vitter - “I think money is absolutely being wasted, ... Louisiana workers and Louisiana businesses are not being used.”
 David Vitter - “Marriage is a core institution of societies throughout the world and throughout history. It's something that has provided permanence and stability for our very social structure.”
 David Vitter - “What I am suggesting is that I'd love to see more written material that predates the nomination.”
 David Vitter - “I'd love to see more written material that predates the nomination,”
 David Vitter - “What I am suggesting is that I'd love to see more written material that predates the nomination,”
 David Vitter - “We need to be able to get them the cash they need to be able to live and survive, even in the near term, because many of these folks live paycheck to paycheck, ... The Early Show.”
 David Vitter - “(Last week) was tough. It was hard. Now we're here a week later and things are turning the corner. People are upbeat. We came here to listen, to learn, to talk to people and to analyze what went wrong. And so far we've learned a lot.”
 David Vitter - “It's the only plan we had, ... There was no plan B.”
 David Vitter - “I've heard many Washington talking heads say that heads must roll, ... I'm all for that and have my own personal list. But that alone isn't enough. We need to look at the big picture - not just what people failed but also what institutions and models failed and, just as importantly, what others worked against all odds.”
 David Vitter - “I just think the state is going to have to be involved in that helpful way, ... I just want to express my deep frustration about folks in Baton Rouge who apparently are completely focused on why this can't work instead of figuring out how to make it work so we can get these communities through these very crucial next several months.”

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